Alantek EPON OLT are designed to provide 2-port to 40-port PON downlink, supporting from 128 to 2560 ONU. Suitable from small to medium size commercial system setup.

Part No. Description
3EP-OLT005-0202-1U00 1U 2-port EPON OLT
3EP-OLT005-0804-1U0D 1U 4-port EPON OLT, Dual Power
3EP-OLT005-0808-1U0D 1U 8-port EPON OLT, Dual Power
3EP-OLT005-144M-250D 2.5U 16-port EPON OLT, Dual Power
3EP-OLT005-24XM-8U2D 8U 40-port EPON OLT, Dual Power
3PT-SG43WE-0020 1.25G EPON SFP for OLT
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