SUNPIPE LUXLOOP combines the SUNPIPE natural daylight system with an incredibly efficient and intelligent LED solution. Delivering the right light at the right time of the day: SUNPIPE directs healthy natural light from its patented Diamond Dome through the SUPER-SILVERĀ® finish aluminium tube to the ceiling diffuser. In the evening or when the level of external light is insufficient to properly light the space, the system is complimented by its advanced LED by leading British manufacturer PhotonStar LEDTM, and intelligently managed by the HalcyonTM wireless control (optional).

The result is a complete and ultra-low energy lighting system, suitable for any location with guaranteed lighting performance.

The SUNPIPE LUXLOOP has already been shortlisted for several lighting awards including the LUX Awards, Energy Awards and FX Design Awards


  • Smart controls that match LED colour temperature with natural daylight. Available in standard, smart and circadian configurations.
  • Combines natural daylight with a biologically optimised LED to maintain the circadian rhythm, enabling healthier and more productive spaces.
  • Reduces CO2 emissions, lighting energy-usage and maintenance costs: The integration with SUNPIPE increases the life of the LEDs and leads to fewer replacements. Additionally, SUNPIPE is proven and tested to maintain its performance over long periods of time.
  • Quadruple glazed system that minimises heat loss-gain achieving high thermal performance. Glazing Details: Clear high impact acrylic Diamond Dome complete with optional acrylic EcoShield double glazed component.
  • Goretex: Breathable, waterproof vent to alleviate condensation risk.
  • High performance polycarbonate diffuser for uniform distribution and low glare. Meets both LG7 – Office Lighting and UGR19.
  • Conversant with microwave sensors and emergency options.
  • Works on its own controls or with existing lighting systems/controls.
  • Luminaire delivers up to 4000 lumens. SUNPIPE delivers 4460 lumens in full summer sun.
  • Design life of 20 years and a 5 years warranty.
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