Topps Seal® Excel represents the ultimate ENERGY STAR®, high performance protective maintenance roof coating. It utilizes Topps’ exclusive 100% synthetic thermoplastic technology and environmental barrier. Resin rich Topps Seal® Excel has all of the characteristics of standard-grade Topps Seal®, along with accelerated physical properties that exceed 1000% elongation and an ultimate tensile strength of 2250 psi. It retains ENERGY STAR® standards even after aging, which exceeds standards for new coating performance.

Topps Seal® Excel is used across all continents, including the Antarctic. It can be used on Metal, Modified Bitumen, BUR, PUF, Concrete, and EPDM roofs.

  • Permanent flexibility
  • Excellent weather, pollution, and mold resistance
  • Waterproof – near zero permeation
  • Repels all water – won’t wick or transmit moisture
  • Ultimate rust and corrosion protection
  • Elongates to 1000% with no micro-fissures
  • Energy Savings – exceeds ENERGY STAR®, Miami-Dade County requirements
  • Quick moisture resistance in just 1-4 hours


Viscosity 118-125 K.U.
Weight per gallon 8.8 – 9.2 lb.
Solids 49% min.
Flashpoint of solvent 104° F
VOC <500>
Ultimate elongation 1000% min.
Ultimate tensile strength 2250 psi min.
Perm Rating 0.18 perms
Adhesive bond (rating 1-5) 5 (best)
Peel Adhesion 2.4 pli
Moisture absorption (7 day submersion) <0.356%>
Heat stability 140° F
Cold stability -40° F
Water vapor permeability 0.18 perms
Reflectivity 87.75%
Thermal emittance (new/aged) .88/.88
Resistance to corrosion Excellent
Industrial pollutants Excellent
UV Excellent
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